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TFSU: Oliver Hillyer-Riley

  When I first met Oliver Hillyer-Riley in the autumn of 2009, he was a starry-eyed eager sixth form student with aspirations of becoming a fashion photographer. As a visiting lecturer, browsing through the students […]

May, 01

Exclusive Interview with Amanda Dandeneau

Ok, so all of a sudden you feel like you’ve had a run in with Alice in Wonderland’s entrance scene into the croquet game or a barren version of Bosch’s, “Garden of Earthly Delights”… that […]

Feb, 09

Venture: Kate Shields Drawing Brighton

What’s really interesting about Drawing Brighton is that it’s a very self-reflective visual anthology of a community. People from all over the city of Brighton & Hove gather together in the front room of the Art […]

Nov, 27

Time For Heroes – Thomas James Hole

The ‘Time For Heroes Project’ was an attempt to bring together young people with veterans  from a range of conflicts in order to document their experiences through photography, video and poetry. Supported from grants from the Heritage […]

Nov, 15

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