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Left Out

Left Out is an installation piece by British artist Maxwell Rushton. The jesmonite cast sculpture resembles a human sitting inside a bin-liner, and was created to challenge our preconceived opinions of homelessness. The following short documentary […]

Jan, 09

The Many Facets of Amy Harris

  From origami, to paper dolls of the early twentieth century, paper-craft has developed as a finely tuned medium for creative perfectionists. Now, propelled by the work of artists like Amy Harris, the medium is […]

Apr, 30

Ben Thomas: LDN

  Sometimes, you stumble across things online that you just can’t ignore. It might be an image of your dream bookshelf, a great HTML5 website, an audio bite from an unheard of pouty pseudo-underground artist […]

Mar, 06

Ghost Poet, Cats and Drawing on Walls: Lorna Leigh

Art has always been a forum for self-expression, experimentation and question, but little is it appreciated as a way to create a smile; to turn a blank sheet of paper into a visual stimulant of […]

Feb, 29

November 2011 Mixtape

  Here at AppleJuice HQ we feel that a good music video can be just as propelling for a band as a killer song, so we thought the perfect way to share our playlist with […]

Nov, 12

Russell Kleyn

Across the other side of the world, nestled in the beautiful country of New Zealand, resides talented portrait photographer, Russell Kleyn. Originally from Cape Town, SA, Kleyn gained his photographic education in London before moving […]

Aug, 23

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