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POSITIVE-LY BETSY COHEN. When I met Betsy Cohen, I was a freshman in college. Back then she resembled Strawberry Shortcake and had this squeeky inviting voice and the cutest possible sound ever made by a […]

Sep, 19

Live Footage on Live Footage

Meeting at a Halloween Party in 2008, Mike Thies and Topu Lyo had little idea that they would eventually unite to create one of New York’s most unique and enjoyable electro-acoustic groups on the music […]

Apr, 08

Artist Profile: Charles Ly

When the surfs up, you will find Charles Ly in East Hampton, New York, in the ocean. In fact, the water could be 0º and Charlie would still be out there catching waves and drinking […]

Mar, 06

Interview with New York’s Christian Little

It’s as if you’ve opened an encyclopedia of historic moments, sprinkled them in modern ritual and splashed them with an acid flashback. That’s where it happens for Christian Little, when the magnifying glass is taken away […]

Jun, 11

Exclusive Interview with Amanda Dandeneau

Ok, so all of a sudden you feel like you’ve had a run in with Alice in Wonderland’s entrance scene into the croquet game or a barren version of Bosch’s, “Garden of Earthly Delights”… that […]

Feb, 09

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