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Beyond the Gaze: Illustration by Erin Buckley

A recent graduate of the Arts University College at Bournemouth with an undergraduate degree in illustration, Erin Buckley creates an intriguing depiction of young adults and adolescents through her confident brushstrokes and subtle use of negative space. […]

Jul, 09

Mortal Lungs: Sophie Ingledew

Based in Southampton and recently graduated from the Arts University College at Bournemouth, Sophie Ingledew creates intimate, nostalgic illustrations with humble coloured pencils. These humble, childlike tools produce a tactility to her work that evokes […]

Jun, 22

The Many Facets of Amy Harris

  From origami, to paper dolls of the early twentieth century, paper-craft has developed as a finely tuned medium for creative perfectionists. Now, propelled by the work of artists like Amy Harris, the medium is […]

Apr, 30

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