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Left Out

Left Out is an installation piece by British artist Maxwell Rushton. The jesmonite cast sculpture resembles a human sitting inside a bin-liner, and was created to challenge our preconceived opinions of homelessness. The following short documentary […]

Jan, 09

The Buchheister, The Tumnus and The Silent Barn.

-Theresa Buchheister and Theresa Buchheister. Photograph By Katerina Drury The door of the newly reopened Silent Barn opens, it’s the first night of theatre performances there. I’m screaming like I am going to a venue, […]

Mar, 06

The Celestial Work of Daniel Stirling

Bristol-born Daniel Stirling spent most of his adolescence exploring rural England before moving to Brighton seven years ago; yet his work never left the paradigm of ephemeral escapism – ever taking us outside of the city […]

Nov, 09

Beyond the Gaze: Illustration by Erin Buckley

A recent graduate of the Arts University College at Bournemouth with an undergraduate degree in illustration, Erin Buckley creates an intriguing depiction of young adults and adolescents through her confident brushstrokes and subtle use of negative space. […]

Jul, 09

Dan Mackey – Jubilee Paper Craft

  Would jubilee-ve it?! The 4 day weekend is finally here in the UK to celebrate good ol’ “Mama’s” Diamond Jubilee. And in true English form it’s rainy and a little chilly  with an added […]

Jun, 03

Interview with Victoria Ulrikke Iles: Shame

  NL: In your new series, Shame, you present suggestively entangled bodies against stark, rich-coloured backgrounds – quite different from your previous work. What inspired you to create this corpus and what did you aim […]

May, 24

Heidi Sabertooths’ 100Milkteeth

-Heidi Sabertooth Interview by Chrissy Reilly, Photographed by Kat Drury   Heidi Sabertooth stands squarely 5 feet  6 inches but carries a dynamic energy with her that can fill a room with fleeting inspiration and […]

May, 18

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