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Fucked Up Love

Art has been understanding love for as long as we’ve been telling stories. It’s in the heart of our mythological heroes, and the envy in our villians. Art allows us to navigate through the complexities […]

Feb, 13


Music video for ‘Charcoal’ by Atriums, directed by James Lawes… Director Lawes prologues this portrait of youth and masculinity by asking our main character Aaron; “What are you like?”. Set within those awkward stages between […]

Feb, 03


SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS are here.Here to make a movie.And they want you. Yep, you. SUPER MEGA ACTION PLUS is Jamie Fraser and Debs Anne. He, a statuesque, mild mannered Scarborough-ian, she, a li’l, beaming […]

Nov, 28

The Steel Orchid

“You are free to choose, madam. Your husband and your children, or your country.” “And what kind of freedom is that?”   I blogged about this film on December 2010, in which I expressed so […]

May, 14

Ben Thomas: LDN

  Sometimes, you stumble across things online that you just can’t ignore. It might be an image of your dream bookshelf, a great HTML5 website, an audio bite from an unheard of pouty pseudo-underground artist […]

Mar, 06

London Short Film Festival Picks

Now entering it’s 9th year, London Short Film Festival kickstarts 2012 with a bulging programme of cinematic delights. There are over 60 events and more than 200 shorts to choose from, ranging from serious docs […]

Jan, 06

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