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Fucked Up Love

Art has been understanding love for as long as we’ve been telling stories. It’s in the heart of our mythological heroes, and the envy in our villians. Art allows us to navigate through the complexities of ideas and the understanding of behaviour, and relationship.

And then there’s Valentine’s day where you pay money to Hallmark to prove your love for someone. You might gather that, I’m not a large fan of V-day;  I might be basis though as it’s also my birthday – and no I don’t receive two cards. So what better way to celebrate love than to join someone’s exploration into it through 5 different lenses.

Below are a handful of great short films that are all inspired from the deep well of love. From the bizarre to the relatable.

So whether you’re snuggling down with your lover or curling up in a ball with a large glass of red… turn the lights off, pop some corn and play these on the biggest screen you can…

Spider (2007)

Director: Nash Edgerton | @nashedgerton

Country: Australia

This fantastic dark comedy follows a man seeking forgiveness from his girlfriend and learning the dangers of taking things too far.


The Girl with the yellow Stockings  (2008)

Director: Grzegorz Muskala

Country: Germany

A portrait looking at the complexities of relationship, youth, commitment, independents and love.


He took his skin off for me (2014) 

Director: Ben Aston |@BenAstonDir

Country: UK

This beautiful film ponders what it is like to give your everything to someone.


TUB (2010) 

Director: Bobby Miller | @BobbyMiller

Country: USA

After watching this film you will never wack off in the shower again. Yeah. Director brings a truely disturbing cautionary tale.


And finally to bring you back down from that surreal nightmare we have a short comedy from the UK. We coudn’t really have a list of films to watch on Valentine’s day without featuring:

Valentine (2014) 

Director: Kate Herron | @iamkateherron

Country: UK

Kate’s multi-award winning short film is a comedic glance at what it truely takes to be a best friend.

Enjoy the films. I love you.


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