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This article was published on 09 Jul 2012, and is filed under Art, Fashion, Illustration.

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Beyond the Gaze: Illustration by Erin Buckley

Striped Girl illustration by Erin Buckley ©

A recent graduate of the Arts University College at Bournemouth with an undergraduate degree in illustration, Erin Buckley creates an intriguing depiction of young adults and adolescents through her confident brushstrokes and subtle use of negative space. Her work centres around an exploration of the gaze, the subject captured in a moment of search – drawing the question of what they might be thinking. The absence of background in Buckley’s images, intentional or otherwise, compliment the subjects gaze, drawing out the illusion that the subject might be so tied in thought that they have become removed from the space in which they exist.  

Predominantly designed in ink and pen, Buckley plays with the unpredictability of ink, desiring to explore its potential. The delicate, contemporary quality that is produced lends itself to Buckley’s recent focus in fashion illustration. In addition to her wistful characters, Buckley infuses fashion, line and tonality into her typographic practice. With a previous bachelor of arts in English, she draws out deeper meanings in her visual language through a combination of type and design.

Fractured photographer illustration by Erin Buckley ©

Girl's Back Illustration by Erin Buckley ©

Young Girl Illustration in Blue by Erin Buckley ©

To see more of Erin’s work, including her typography, please visit: 

//images © Erin Buckley @erinloubuckley
//words by Natalie Lloyd