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This article was published on 30 Apr 2012, and is filed under Art, Illustration.

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The Many Facets of Amy Harris

Sixty Seagulls for Jam Social Media Agency by Amy Harris ©


From origami, to paper dolls of the early twentieth century, paper-craft has developed as a finely tuned medium for creative perfectionists. Now, propelled by the work of artists like Amy Harris, the medium is reaching entirely new levels.

Harris’ work, such as one piece titled “drench,” looks like social networking era digital graphic design made into three-dimensional models. If all of your favourite websites were turned into dioramas made from paper, one has to believe they’d look something like this.


Drench Logo by Amy Harris ©


Of course, it makes sense that an artist who is both an illustrator and set designer would produce such work. Harris, who studied illustration at the Arts University College at Bournemouth, spent time during and after earning her degree interning at artist studios and creative agencies as well as assisting set designers on commercial projects.

“Playful” feels too cheap to describe Amy Harris’ work and “inventive” too stale. Yet Harris’ paper-craft is most certainly both. As much sculpture as design, her work in paper inspires a desire to reach out and touch. They depict a frozen moment in time, a subtle narrative tableau which allows the viewer’s mind to wander through the scene.

Inspired by retro graphics – old signage, typography and packaging – her pieces retain the semiotics of nostalgia, like a child’s imagination materialized. Her use of colour and shape is inspired, as bright primaries pop amidst pastel accents and straight lines teeter on clean curves, guiding the eye ever towards the next hidden treat.


Young Creative Network YCN by Amy Harris ©


Her work claims many triumphs, the greatest of which is the art of knowing exactly how much is enough. Each of her pieces, though similar, feature various degrees of detail and carefully placed clutter. Yet each seems exactly right as it is. It is a difficult and subtle thing to know when to stop adding extra bits here and there, but Harris has figured it out and with that in her back pocket, executes her work flawlessly.

Currently, Amy Harris shares a studio in London Fields with a mixed group of creative, working in photography, fashion, events, prop making, sound and product design.


Powster Logo Stop Motion by Amy Harris ©

The Times+  Membership Chantelle photographed by Hamish Brown, designed by Amy Harris ©


To see more of Amy Harris’ work or to contact her, visit her website.


//artwork by Amy Harris
//images from Times+ by Hamish Brown
//words by Christopher O’Brien (@microbrien)