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This article was published on 18 Oct 2011, and is filed under Music.

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I Remember The First Time… with Tiffany Lamson from Givers

Admittedly, we all made cringy mistakes in terms of the first gig we ever went to (for the record, mine was Avril Lavigne at Brixton Academy… I’m not ashamed, she’s hot!), or the first CD we ever bought. We asked Tiffany Lamson (above, centre) from Lousiana band Givers to let us in on her hidden secrets and tell us:

What was your first musical experience? 

I don’t remember much as a catalyst musical experience because I grew up playing music in church with my family but I do remember my dad always playing ‘Pinball Wizard’ after dinner to dance around the room and probably wear me out before bedtime. It usually just pumped me up.

… the first record you ever bought with your own money?

I bought three singles/EP’s from the local store called Racoon Records; they were Smashing Pumpkins, Britney Spears, and an electro-dance demo with some BT, Sasha Digweed, and Moby on it or something. Such a curiously strange basket.

… your first musical instrument?

Drum set.

… your first ever gig?

I think it was a Christian concert in a huge arena. Although, my first truly rockin’ real concert that I bought tickets for and found a ride to was Tool. I snuck out and it was amazing, I was in awe at such a production and performance.

… the first time you met the other guys in Givers?

We all met at various times through different bands around the area so it’s hard to put a finger on the “first” of any meeting… but I first officially met Tay [Taylor Guarisco, guitar and vocals] outside the campus of the University of Lafayette after a recital.

… the first gig you ever played – not necessarily with Givers?

It was at this funky hookah bar/cafe called Artmosphere in Lafayette – I believe it was in the fall of 2008.

… the first gig with Givers?

I recall it being either later that year in winter or January of 2009. Again, at the same venue though.

… the first tour with Givers?

That’s a crazy one – it was in October of 2009 and opening for one of our favorite bands, Dirty Projectors. They were kind enough to take us on to open for them even though we had never toured, ever. It was magical.