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This article was published on 19 Sep 2011, and is filed under Art, Illustration.

Darren Cranmer – One Billionth

Darren Cranmer’s corpus, One Billionth, provides and intricate visual depiction of romantic quantum theories. From those of relative probability and ‘String Theory’ (Interwoven), to the cyclical nature of energy and life itself (Singularity). The body of work is an intelligent and well-researched discourse, but moreover, the images Cranmer has created offer a quiet sense of grandeur and simplicity, providing a delectable echo to their subject matter.

Hailing from Guernsey in the British Channel Islands, Darren is a self-confessed “obsessive scribbler” and upon completion of is secondary school education, undertook an internship in jewellery making where he found himself designing and crafting hand-made pieces. Wanting to refine his work and focus, Cranmer took to the South of England to study at The Arts University College at Bournemouth where he has recently completed his degree in Illustration. Now, back on the island of Guernsey, Darren is undertaking commissions for his work across the British Isles.

“I will draw until I die… and hopefully get paid for it beforehand!” – Darren Cranmer

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// words by Natalie Lloyd
// all images © Darren Cranmer