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Evelyn Bencicova

AppleJuice caught up with rising star, Evelyn Bencicova. The young Slovakian is making work that marries conceptual and commercial photography, and is very much getting recognised for her unique style…. AJ//How did you get into […]

Mar, 17 · in Art,Photography

Speaker’s Corner

I am an artist. Or at least, a creative type. I would like to think of myself as one anyway. Throughout my life I have played in many bands, performed in many plays, written and […]

Feb, 25 · in Uncategorized


Every season, a whole flock of new models (or ‘New Faces’ if you’re down with the jargon), get released into the fashion jungle, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The common struggle for them, is a lot of the […]

Jan, 31

Marwan Tiraz

Photographer Morgan Hill-Murphy has teamed up with stylist Becky Pile, to produce this beautiful editorial to warm us up this bitingly cold January. Inspired by the colours and textures of The Marwan Tiraz (the earliest known embroidered medieval […]

Jan, 19

An afternoon at Vera and Joe’s

AppleJuice first featured the work of print and textile designer Sophie West, back in 2011. The talented Hertfordshire born young designer, has now graduated from the MA in Womenswear from The Royal College of Art. […]

Nov, 03

A tale from The Land of Ice and Fire

I journey through a land new to me. The exhilaration of the known becoming unknown before my eyes. Unseeing as all literal meaning is stripped away until nothing remains but shape and form. Icons appear […]

Oct, 15

Portfolio Crush: Lucas Levitan

AppleJuice caught up with internet sensation Lucas Levitan. The Brazilian born, London based multimedia artist has been popping up on various blogs and is taking the world of Instagram by storm. His work is playful […]

Sep, 02